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The purpose of this site is to provide safe and secure tips for all users from age 8 to 120, to help secure your financial / medical assets and your Identity and / or recover from identity theft, credit card and medical fraud and other security issues.

Today personal and children security issues such as credit cards info, personal information, on line banking password, hostile sites, surfacing the web and communication using instant messenger and other web tools expose children and users to the web crime and they become the major security halls in the way we are surfing the web .

The amount of information and products that intend to help us avoid situations like the above are tremendous, but none are directly intended to help inexperienced users and children. Each site provide only “a piece in the puzzle” and end user find him/her self confused, unguided, lonely, and/or being overwhelmed with multiple expensive offering or solutions.The site is organized in a simple way to give the users and children the proper security tips.

Some of the information on this site were taken from the FTC site (Federal Trade Commission) and other free internet resources.

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